Benefits Of Learning Online

We all dance for various reasons, and we all live very different lives. enables the facility for you to fit your dancing in around your lifestyle and personal circumstances.

Perhaps it’s a confidence booster you need or you are simply looking to increase your repertoire of turn patterns, techniques, Choreography, Or perhaps you don’t have the time or ability to attend regular classes but would still like to know the moves so you can dance the night away in a club. is your one stop shop to enable this.

Specific Benefits of Learning online with us:

  1. Learn from the comfort of your own home or location of your choice
  2. Learn completely at your own pace without feeling pressured or overwhelmed
  3. Login and learn from anywhere in the world
  4. You have the ability to rewind/fast forward and revise skills as you go
  5. Whatever your dance level it aids in learning new skills and techniques on top of classes/workshops you may already be taking part in
  6. For the beginner dancer it aids in building your confidence to get you dancing up a storm on the social dance floor
  7. It helps build your repertoire of turn patterns, Techniques you may not always get in a class
  8. It aids in building your scene in areas where consistent training and instruction is scarce