How does the Course Delivery Work?

After joining with us you will be given your own Member’s Portal. 

Here you will have access to the course style and level you specifically selected upon signing up, with access to all the videos immediately in the selected course. If you are to select any additional levels or styles, all of this content will also be delivered immediately.  

If you are on a membership, you will have access to all the specifically selected video content and styles within the membership immediately.

With immediate access to all content this allows you the chance to learn, revise and throw the move onto the dance floor and push through the content as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable. There are 8 videos to a course, and 3 to 4 courses per Dance Style.

How long do I have access to the videos delivered to me?

From the moment you have chosen the Style and Level of your course or your membership, you will have access to all the specified content videos for 3 months from the signup date.

Can I choose multiple Levels of a Dance Style at the same time?

If you have selected a Membership option, yes you will be able to choose multiple levels of a dance style at the same time as your content is all delivered immediately.

If you are selecting only one course style and level option, you will only have access to the specific style and level you have selected unless you are to select another Course style/ level and proceed to the payment options.

How do I know what Level to join at?

If you are unsure what level you should join at visit the ‘Course Library’ which details the Styles, when you click on the Course level e.g. Salsa Beginner you will see a detailed overview of the specific Level and the main learning objectives. It also lets you view the first 3 minutes of the first video of each course. 

Once I have completed a course what happens next?

Once you have completed an 8 video course you are now ready to study the next level. If you are on a membership option, you just need to click on the next level of the course style to begin from week 1. 

To join the next level if you are renting a specific course level you follow the same process as you would have originally done to sign up to a Level and then begin the new level from week 1.

If I feel I have made the wrong choice in choosing a Level can I change?

If you feel you have selected the wrong level for yourself, you won’t be able to change it as there are clear course outlines provided, as well as a 3 min demo of every courses first week.  

If you are on a membership however, you will have access to all levels and styles immediately so you will be able to change without any issue.

Can I access all Masterclasses?

Yes absolutely. Both archived Masterclasses plus new Masterclass videos loaded during your membership will all be accessible for you at all times while you are a current member with us. 

If you have selected a specific course level these masterclass content videos won’t automatically be available to you. If, however you want to access them, they will be accessible to rent individually.

Can I ask the Instructors a question?

Absolutely! Our instructors encourage your questions.

Under each video there is a section to write your Instructors a question called “Comments”. 

This feature is available on both the Course videos and Masterclass videos.

Our relevant Style Instructor will personally write back to your question so make sure to keep an eye out for the answer.

What is the difference between a Membership Option and a Specific Course style/level Option?

The difference is that the Membership offers access to the current 3 Styles of Street Latin on offer at present (Salsa, Bachata and Bachatango) all at the same time. As well as all of our Masterclass content for the duration of your membership.

With specific Course style/level options you are only accessing this specific content for the duration of your rental period.

Can I download the videos?

Unfortunately, videos cannot be downloaded.  They are for pure streaming purposes only.  But to view these at any stage all you need to do is sign into your Member’s Portal and the videos are ready to be viewed however many times you like for the duration of you membership or rental period.

Can I share My Membership?

Dance With Me Online offers a unique membership system that has been built to be extremely personalised to you and your individual Level.  Therefore, no sharing of your Membership account, including your log in details, is permitted by Dance With Me Online. 

Dance With Me Online also has security measures in place that only allows your personal account to be assessed on one device at a time, to avoid others logging in to your personalised membership at the same time as you.

Dance With Me Online reserves the right to CANCEL your membership or your course at any time due to failing to comply with the above.

What Currency Is My Payment Made With?

All payments and rentals of courses or memberships displayed or made are in United States Dollars (USD).