How It Works is your number one place to learn your Street Latin Dance or brush up on further skills/techniques/turn patterns. has devised specifically designed syllabi to:

Teach those who have never danced before and would like to learn

    Take a beginner/improver dancer to the advanced dancer level

    Further advance those of a higher intermediate/advanced level

      Your membership or course is personalised to you.  You join at a style’s level according to what you feel your current dance level is. Each style of dance contains 3 to 4 levels of 8 videos each. The courses are delivered all at once so you can learn and progress as slow or as fast as you would like to.  This gives you plenty of time to learn, revise and throw the move/technique learned onto the social dance floor.  Every 3-6 months a brand new Advanced Syllabus for each style goes up to keep those Advanced dancers super busy and continually progressing.

      On top of the various syllabi, has specific monthly ‘master class’ videos filled with hacks and tips. This content is accessible to you no matter if you are on a membership or renting a course. These videos deliver content on specific elements of your Latin dancing or dancing in general.  Examples can include Arm Styling, Shines, Spin Technique, Stretching Exercises, Dip Techniques and many more!

      Selecting a course has never been so easy! 

      On the home page select a course style that interests you from the Course Library, Explore Courses or Course Styles tabs. 

              Select your course level, then preview the promo video for the specific style and level. You also can scroll down the page to the detailed course outline.

              Click on video 1 of your course or at the end of the promo video Select the blue GET ACCESS NOW button, choose your offer, update your customer profile, complete your order and you’re ready to begin dancing.

              Once you are all signed up you can access your very own ‘Member’s Portal’.  This is the place where you can join the syllabi of the different styles and levels, the place that stores the videos you are currently learning, and the place you can update your personal details, password and select other courses or change membership options.

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              Bachata Intermediate Course

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              Bachatango Beginner Course

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              Bachatango Advanced Course

              All Masterclass Content from stretching, strengthening, shines, styling and more

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